Vernee X Review: Bezel Less Display Smartphone With Four Cameras! Published: 7 months ago By: All Gadget

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In the gadget market, a new device has recently knocked the doors of smartphone lovers. And, with its fantastic four cameras and powerful processor, the device is already gaining interests of many gadget geeks. In the previously overflowing market of cheap Chinese smartphone devices, a product named Vernee X 4G Phablet has gained tremendous hype. The product comes at a moderate price, along with stunning features and is offering other enormous features for the buyers. So, if you are fascinated by the Vernee X 4G Phablet and you’re planning to buy it. Then, in this article, we have provided an in-depth review of this fantastic smartphone.

Okay, well let’s start our review by opening the box of Vernee X 4G Phablet device. In the .49 kg approximately weighing package, one will get either black or blue color handset. The color entirely depends on your personal preference.

Apart from that in the box, few other items are also included. Such as Back Case, Cell Charger, Multi-languages User Manual, Screen Protector, SIM Needle, and USB Cable. So, make sure to check all the elements of your Vernee box before buying the device.

Well, the Vernee X is designed smartly. The body of the device is kept very minimal of around 5.5 inches. This offers steadfast grip to the handset and can be very quickly held in hands. Due to the smaller body size, it gives broader room for screen. The screen size of the device is quite hefty with the 6 inches. The more extensive flat screen enables users can see stunning picture quality and larger display. There aren’t any button present on the body of the device either. So, overall we can say Vernee X has very stylish and intelligently designed body. LARGER SCREEN TO BODY RATIO-
The exquisite body of Vernee X offers very high powered display quality. The 18:9 display scale of the capacitive touchscreen that enables to bring out the best features for you. The flat screen allowsyou to view enlarged figures,which is very helpful while checking out maps on the phone. Moreover, the curvy edges of the device make it easier to hold the Vernee X handset for a longer duration. So, with the large display, you can enjoy entertaining movies and games on your device.

Well, let me tell you that the Vernee X holds some utterly amazing hardware performing features. It comes with the best Helio P23 MTK67632.0GHz, Octa-Coreprocessor. That’s a 10 times faster processor that can also save 15% of battery drainage. The storage department of Vernee X is also quite nice. It has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM with further expansion of TF card. So, with the larger space and powerful processor, data can process faster. You can enjoy numerous apps and games on the device together. That’s why we can say that the hardware part of Vernee X is highly auspicious as compared to other similar devices.