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You may have seen this cool demo ‘floating’ (no pun intended) around YouTube. It’s usually accompanied by the strap line that you can make a cool 3D hologram using your mobile phone and a CD case. I decided to have a go and see how it works.

I wanted to give this a go and found a CD case to cut up. Let me tell you, CD cases are made of brittle plastic - they are had to cut but easy to shatter into sharp plastic shards. It’s not the easiest thing to work with. Instead, any reflective piece of plastic will do. I used some plastic name badges but even plastic food packaging would do. All you have to do is cut out four trapezoids (a triangle without the pointy bit). They measure 6cm wide at the bottom, 1cm wide at the top, and 3cm from top to bottom. Then carefully tape the triangles together to make a pyramid without the pointy bit. This is what you then place onto your phone, and then using one of these youtube videos, to get your 3d hologram.

So how does it work? Well, In reality, it’s not a hologram, it’s not even 3D. It’s an illusion which simply gives the impression of an image floating in the air - In fact, the name of this illusion is pepper’s ghost, and was used by the Victorians in England in the late 1800s to scare people by creating a ghostly figure in a room. We can simulate the basic way that it works by taking just one piece of the reflective plastic. Placed perpendicular to the phone screen, you can see a mirror image of the screen. But if we angle the plastic, the reflection starts to look like it is coming out of the screen. At 45 degrees from the screen, the reflection is vertical, which is the perfect position for a ghost, and it is the angle that the trapezoids in our little contraption rest on the screen. And because it’s just a reflection, it’s not proper 3D - if you move your head around, you still see the same 2D image… but why does it look so 3D?? Well because the images we’re viewing are carefully drawn to look 3D and they often rotate, and of course they appear to be floating in the air, which fools us into thinking that they are actually 3D.

But surely the other faces of the trapezoid are making it 3D somehow? Well…. no. Each face shows you a separate 2D reflection… you can even stick your fingers in the pyramid to block the reflections from the other faces but it has no effect. But because you can rotate your phone around, it gives the impression that you are somehow viewing a 3D object.

Does this mean it’s not cool? No. It’s still cool. Why not give it a go yourself?

How To Make Your Own 3D Hologram Using Your Phone - Pepper's Ghost Projection Video Illusion & How It Works

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