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Today I got my hands on the Meiigoo S8 which has the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but goes for $160. To me, the front looks more like the Google Pixel 2 XL. This a 6.01" screen with a 18:9 aspect ratio with thin bezels. The Meiigoo S8 is running android 7.0. This is a good budget option if you like the design of the Samsung galaxy s8, but don't like the price. The phone is more than adequate for daily usage. The performance has been good with its 4gb of ram.

I do a quick unboxing, go over some of the Meiigoo s8 features, talk about performance and do camera test. I also mention a few things about the Vernee mix 2 compared to the Meiigoo s8.

I have ran into a few issues that I mentioned in the video. The phone has a few fingerprint gestures that are a nice addition.

Meiigo S8-Black/gold/blue:


My gear:

Panasonic g85:

Samsung SD Card 4K:

Comica Microphone:


Fluid head:

Canon Flash:


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